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The Logansport Children's Choir was founded in 1988 to provide a high quality choral experience for the children of Logansport, Indiana and the surrounding area.  The choir is currently on hiatus due to the retirement of its directors, Tim & Susan Cahalan, in May 2023.


It is our hope that our 1,000+ LCC members developed a life-long love for singing and for fine music, that they have a solid foundation for future participation in choral and instrumental groups and that they  understand the value of excellence through their participation in LCC.


We hope that this striving for excellence together with other children helped to give each member a feeling of accomplishment, self-worth, and self-confidence.  We know it did for us.  Here's to song!

Celebrating 35 Years of Musical Excellence

"[In LCC], I have received the magnificent gift of music...and that is what this wonderful organization is about."


- Maureen, LCC Class of 2004

Being a member of LCC was an incredible experience. I learned an appreciation for music that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 


- Maria, LCC Class of 2003


The Logansport Children's Choir is currently on hiatus following the retirement of its directors in May 2023.

It is our hope that someone may come along to lead another generation of Logansport area youth in song.

Until that time, enjoy our pictures, recordings, and memories as documented on this website.

Here's to song!


PO Box 1026

Logansport, IN 46947 

​Tel: 574-721-6250



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We've added a new page to the website where alumni and friends of LCC can access early audio recordings of the choir.

Special thanks to LCC alum, Zach, for formatting the songs!

Feel free to enjoy the beautiful sounds created by generations of talented Logansport singers.


Here's to song!

A Message from Tim & Susan

In Gratitude

The time has come for sweet adieus…

It was impossible to imagine in October 1988 that the 45 third, fourth, and fifth graders who made up the inaugural Logansport Children’s Choir would grow into 1,000 voices over the past 35 years. The dream of bringing quality choral music to the children of Cass County turned into the reality of traveling to over 92 locations around the state, the country and the world to share that gift of song.

From McHale Performing Arts Center to the Indianapolis Artsgarden to Carnegie Hall, from the top of the Haleakala volcano in Hawaii and the Alps of Switzerland to the depths of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and the salt mines of Austria, from Canterbury Cathedral in England, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, and the Basilica of Notre Dame in Montreal to the churches of Cass County, we have shared our music with hundreds of audiences.

We’ve traveled by bus (thanks, Imperial Travel!), plane, train, tram, subway, boat, ferry, gondola, horse-drawn carriage, and on foot. We’ve visited 17 World Heritage sites from Westminster Abbey in London to Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

We’ve sung with choirs from Hungary to Switzerland to the Hoosier state in languages from Hebrew to Serbian to Māori.

We’ve eaten beignets in New Orleans, poutine in Toronto, barbecue in Memphis and Black Forest cake in Germany.

We’ve learned about glass-blowing in Venice, walked the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains, and punted down the Thames in England.

We’ve seen the Crown Jewels, the Declaration of Independence, the Eiffel Tower, and the Mona Lisa.

We’ve been hula dancing in Hawaii, waltzing in Austria, and line dancing in Nashville.

We’ve made teddy bears in Vermont and candy bars in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

We’ve seen Broadway shows from London to Toronto to New York. We’ve heard the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and the Canadian Brass and performed with Brenda Lee, Judy Collins, and The Letterman.

We’ve visited Pearl Harbor, Arlington National Cemetery, and the 9/11 Memorial.

We’ve sung for mayors, governors, music conventions, and crowds big and small.

But most importantly of all, we made music and memories with our friends that will last a lifetime.

And it was all made possible by the you - the people and voices of LCC.

It is a source of pride to read about the accomplishments of our alumni in our spring program and know that we may have played a small part in helping to shape who you have become. It is gratifying that so many of you have found a way to continue to make music a part of your lives. It is humbling (and a little like attending your own funeral) to hear how much this group and the music we have made together has meant to all of you.

But it is impossible to put into words what the Logansport Children’s Choir - and all of you - have meant to us. You are our legacy. No matter what the future holds for LCC, the music we made together will live in our hearts forever.

“The company beyond compare, for now farewell and thank you.”

Here’s to song!


Tim & Susan

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