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Revisit highlights of our most recent choir seasons, from 1998 to today!

Photo archives of each season from 1998-1999 to 2017-2018 are available at the links above (under "Archives"). Check back in the future for more photos! 


Have pictures at home from LCC's 1988-1998 seasons? Send them to the choir, and we'll add them to the "Oldies" page! Thanks to LCC alum Jessica for sending in our first set of Oldies pictures from the choir's inaugural season, 1988-1989.


Want to see bigger versions of the photos in our galleries or read photo captions more clearly? Click on any photo in one of our galleries to enter a full-size version of the gallery with black-and-white captions.

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Listen & watch our talented members sing!

Click on the videos below to see and hear the Logansport Children's Choir in action - and visit our YouTube Channel to see and hear even more selections!

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