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Listen & watch our talented members sing!

Click on the videos below to see and hear the Logansport Children's Choir in action - and visit our YouTube Channel to see and hear even more selections!

NEW! Music from LCC cassettes & CDs can be found to the right (laptop) or below (mobile).  

Audio recordings of the Winter & Spring Concerts from the first season in 1988-89 to our final season in 2022-23 can be found beneath the YouTube videos below.

From the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America during the

2022 Washington DC Tour

LCC Virtual Choir - April 2020

From St. Philip Church in Charleston, SC during the 2019 Southeastern U.S. Tour

From Northbrook UMC in Roswell, GA during the 2019 Southeastern U.S. Tour

From the 2015 Canada Tour Send Off Concert in All Saints Church, Logansport

From the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont during the 2015 Canada Tour

From the First Season to the Last...

Enjoy these selections from the Winter & Spring Concerts in 1988-1989 and 2022-2023

1st Annual LCC Winter Concert - Dec. 15, 1988

01 Jubilate Deo
02 Do You Hear What I Hear
03 Dormi, Dormi
04 Merry Was The Music
05 Lullaby
06 One Little Star
07 Infant Holy
09 Alfie, The Christmas Tree & It's In Every One Of Us
10 Stille Nacht

1st Annual LCC Spring Concert - Apr. 25, 1989

01 Alleluia! Sing With Joy
02 Drunken Sailor
03 All Through The Night
04 Bist Du Bei Mir
05 I Am But A Small Voice
06 You Shall Have A Song
07 Da Pacem Domine
08 A Zing -A Za
09 I'm Goin' Up A Yonder

35th Anniversary LCC Winter Concert - Dec. 18, 2022

01 On Christmas Day
02 Cooroo, Cooroo
03 Walking in the Air
04 The Angel Carol
05 The Snow Carol (Still, Still, Still)
06 Sleigh Bells
07 Ave Maria
08 Veni, Veni Emmanuel
09 Beautiful December
10 White Winter Hymnal
11 Candlelight Carol
12 Stars I Shall Find
13 December Snow
14 Go Where I Send Thee
15 Carol of the Bells
16 Birthday of a King
17 All Is Well - with Adult Choir
18 O Holy Night - with Adult Choir
19 Silent Night - with Adult Choir

35th Anniversary LCC Spring Concert - May 20, 2023

01 Festival Sanctus
02 Answer To a Child's Question
03 Inscription of Hope
04 Show Me How
05 Feel Good
06 Woody Knows Nothin'
07 Siyahamba
08 Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
09 The Birds' Lullaby
10 The Blackbird
11 Carrickfergus
12 Kihikihi
13 Song for the Mira
14 Frobisher Bay
15 No Time
16 Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down
17 Footprints on the Sands of Time with alumni
18 Homeland - alumni
19 River in Judea with alumni
20 Here's to Song with alumni
21 I'm Goin' Up A Yonder with alumni

Past Audio Recordings

Enjoy music from past LCC cassettes and CDs by clicking on the play buttons below.

Special thanks to LCC alum, Zach, for formatting these files for our alumni and friends' use!

There Is Ever a Song - Music of the 1993-1994 Season

01 Jubilate
02 Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow
03 Something Told The Wild Geese
04 Mah Yafeh Hayom
05 Who Can Sail
06 Shenandoah
07 There Is Ever A Song
08 Jabberwocky
09 Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
10 Skylark and Nightingale
11 I Bought Me A Cat
12 I'm Goin' Up A Yonder
13 To Music

Lift Your Jubilant Voice - Music of Christmas and the 1997-1998 Season

1 On Christmas Day
2 Walking in the Air
3 In Dulci Jubilo
4 Still, Still, Still
5 This Little Babe
6 Here We Come A Wassailing
7 Wassail! Wassail!
8 Carol of the Bells
9 Do You Hear What I Hear
10 The Lord Is My Shepherd
11 I Believe-Ave Maria
12 Sing to the Lord a New Song
13 All Things Bright and Beautiful
14 The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky
15 Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
16 Come Ye Sons of Art
17 Strike the Viol
18 Ain't-A That Good News
19 Fair and True
20 Come Let's Be Merry
21 When I Lay Me Down to Sleep
22 Night
23 Let It Shine!

Here's to Song - Music of the 1999-2000 LCC Chamber Choir

01 Jubilate Deo
02 Away from the Roll of the Sea
03 Spirit of Delight
04 I Am His Lamb
05 Carry Me Home
06 Children, Go Where I Send Thee
07 Miserere Mei
08 Psalm 100
09 May the Road Rise to Meet You
10 How Can I Keep from Singing 1
11 River in Judea
12 Here's to Song

I'm Going to Sing - Music of the 2002-2003 Season

01 Jubilate!
02 When I Am Silent
03 Eiliyahu Hanavi
04 Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
05 Festival Sanctus
06 Everlasting Melody
07 Gloria Festiva
08 Adiemus
09 Song for the Mira
10 Creo en Dios
11 Show Me How
12 For A Child
13 Who Shall Sing_
14 Let It Shine!
15 I'm Going to Sing

LCC European Tour 2005 - Recorded live at Windsor Parish Church, Windsor, England

01 Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
02 The Blackbird
03 Jerusalem
04 Os Justi
05 Sing Alleluia, Sing
06 The Storm Is Passing Over
07 Jubilate Deo
08 Hush! Somebodys Callin My Name
09 Homeland
10 Psalm 23
11 The Lily and the Rose
12 We Rise Again
13 Love Is the Boat
14 Gloria in Excelsis Deo-Jubilate Deo, Alleluia
15 Ave Maria
16 Every Time I Feel the Spirit
17 A Clare Benediction

LCC performance song at 2011 Crescent City Choral Festival, recorded live in St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA

01 Night - New Orleans 2011

I Will Lift Up My Voice - Music of Christmas and the 2013-2014 Season by the LCC Chamber Choir

01 And the Angels Sang
02 Beautiful December
03 Patapan
04 A Christmas Lullaby
05 Do You Know the Song the Angels Sang
06 O Holy Night
07 Jingle Bells
08 I Will Lift Up My Voice
09 Pie Jesu (Faure)
10 Kihikihi
11 Over the Rainbow
12 Awake My Soul and Sing
13 Sing Me to Heaven
14 The Lonely Sea
15 Let It Shine
16 I'm Goin' Up-A Yonder
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